Women’s Program

Admission to the Program

The Heartland Recovery Program has welcomed women of all ages and from all over the United States. Residents come into the program by word of mouth, referrals from other programs, and TV and radio programs. The primary criteria for participating in the program are a willingness and desire to change. To be admitted, a candidate must first contact our admissions office and follow our admission guidelines to ensure a successful entry. Individuals must commit to a 12-month program. For those who stay and complete the program, it is a life-changing experience.

Contact Information
Heartland Women’s Recovery Program
304 New Creation Road
Bethel Mo, 63434
Admissions phone 660-213-4553
eFax 816-817-1305


The Heartland Recovery Program for women is a beautiful three-story brick home. It has a spacious kitchen and dining room, along with two laundry room facilities. The bedrooms can house three residents in each room and shared bathrooms with an enclosed area for showering.

Training and Education

Various classes help to instill Christian principles into the lives of those who come to Heartland. Monday through Saturday, in the morning, the women have devotions that are held in-house. The residents are also required to attend church services.

Weekly Schedule

• Sunday School Service
• Morning Church Service
• Evening Church Service
• Life Groups

Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday: Various Classes and Activities. Scripture memorization is a vital part of day-to-day life while at the Recovery Program. Bible education studies and programs are also offered. As part of our efforts to return people to society whole and able to support a family, as well as make a contribution to their communities.

Download Materials

Men’s Recovery Program
Heartland Adult Recovery Program Application
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Men’s Recovery Handbook

Women’s Recovery Program
Heartland Adult Recovery Program Application

Contact Information

Men’s Recovery Program
500 New Creation Road,
Newark MO 63458
Phone: (660) 213-4553
eFax: 1-816-817-1802

Women’s Recovery Program
304 New Creation Road
Bethel MO 63434
Phone: 660-213-4553
eFax: 1-816-817-1305